Clean Are Available Energy Sources?

With more and more people becoming aware of the environment and accepting climate change as a major problem to consider for the coming generations, cleaner sources of energy have become more in demand than ever before. That is because not only is it a very efficient way to alleviate the amount of carbon footprint that our home leave behind, it is also quite practical and cost-effective.

If you are planning on starting a home with clean energy, or are a current homeowner and planning to make the switch from conventional power sources to cleaner alternatives, below are some ideas for you:



This type of clean energy is ranked among the fastest growing energy sources in the US. In fact, it is stipulated that the country is capable of producing more than ten times its energy needs by simply harnessing wind seriously. Wind power is currently the cheapest energy sources that provide a great alternative to fuel power.

Wind energy works by using turbines that turn with the wind in order to produce electricity without the polluting by-product or fumes.

Nevertheless, there still have been some concerns over this type of energy since it is understood that it may disrupt a landscape or has the potential to impact the existing habitat around it.



This is yet another popular clean energy alternative to fuel and coal. It is expected that the sun will be around for billions of years to come. Instead of wasting all that solar energy, what better way to maximize it than by harnessing it instead?

This happens through the use of solar panels that directly turn solar energy into electricity which is readily useable so you no longer need generators. This is a popular choice for those living off the grid or for faraway homes that want to become independent when it comes to their electricity needs.

It’s not all roses and candy with solar energy though –solar panels are still relatively expensive compared to other energy sources. Also, the amount of energy you get to absorb is exactly the amount of electricity you get to use, so it is still recommended to get a battery to store your extra electricity so that you can use it of gloomy days or through the nights.


Not as popular as the two mentioned above, but just as practical and sustainable. Biomass energy uses biomass or biodegradable waste to create low-carbon electricity.

However, this technology has not advanced that much compared to the popular ones stated above, making it difficult to operate and expensive to acquire. Also, there is a risk of it becoming environmentally unsafe if not done correctly.


Comprising of two-tenths of the energy sources in the world today, hydroelectric power uses water movement in order to move turbines, similar to that of wind energy.

However, despite being a technically clean form of energy, it can impact the environment and river-dependent communities since dams are a requirement in order to harness this sort of energy.



Naturally occurring steam from the earth can actually be harnessed to create electricity. There are a number of countries including the USA that have used this sort of resource to power their communities. It’s not such a popular energy source though since these plants are limited only to active geothermal sites and are quite costly too.



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