Obstacles That Challenge Wind Energy

Wind energy is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to advocates of cleaner energy. It has many benefits that homes, industries, and individuals like to take advantage of. However, wind energy is not exactly that easy to harness, store, convert, and transport. Below are a few obstacles that commonly challenge wind energy:


  1. Initial investment is quite large.

There are not too many firms that venture into wind energy sources for now. Most times, this is because of a very large upfront cost. Wind turbines do not exactly come cheap.  This may pose as a challenge to establishing a wind power plant since there aren’t that many firms that have the sizable budget needed, or finding significant investors to contribute to the upfront cost may take up time.


  1. Wind sites are located far from where the actual energy is needed.

Wind sites are typically characterized by wide open places and high areas that get a lot of wind action. These sites are rural areas that are far away from urban cities where the energy is to be used. This means that there will definitely be additional costing when it comes to transmitting the harnessed power to bring it into the establishments in the cities and even towards the homes in the suburbs. The distance may also pose an additional challenge since plants may still have to go through thick woods, hills, and other property that the transmission lines may have to bypass in order to supply energy to where it is needed.


  1. Noise pollution and disrupts the aesthetics of a location.

If there is something wind turbines are resented for, it is their noise. The noise of a wind turbine may disrupt or affect daily living, especially in quiet rural neighborhoods. That is why situating these turbines in areas with low population is essential so that no communities are affected. Also, although some people may find the presence of towering turbines to be majestic and even scenic, others may argue that they actually break the aesthetics of an environment, especially since the gigantic mechanical parts are a stark contrast to the natural environment or a certain faraway place.


  1. May pose a danger to wildlife

Several birds have fallen victim to wind turbines in the past, although this has been addressed by adjustments made to the chosen locations of wind sites. Still, the turbines may pose a threat to air-borne animals in an area since the rotating mechanical parts may snag, injure, and potentially kill them. If an area has endemic birds that are known to traverse the skies every now and then, or looking at traveling patterns of migrant birds, wind sites are determined to best select a location that poses the least amount of risk for these birds.

Despite these challenges, more and more people are opting for wind power because of its many benefits such as affordability, sustainability, and practicality. It takes a huge financial leap and a considerable amount of effort to enforce, but the long term benefits of it are definitely worth the initial cost.


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