What Are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

Low cost. In fact, it is one of the cheapest energy sources available today at 2-6 cents per kilowatt-hour. That is about half of the average electricity cost in the US at the most.  If you are planning on making the switch but cannot seem to afford the large upfront cost that purchasing and installing a whole solar powered system into your home, this may be a great alternative to enjoy outright savings when it comes to energy cost. Just imagine cutting your electricity bill by at least half –you can now allocate your financial resources to other things like home improvement, or a nice family vacation.


It is a clean energy source.

Another thing that could make you feel so much better in making the switch is the fact that wind energy is a clean source of energy since it is totally renewable. There are no toxic by-product, waste, or pollutants produced in the process of harnessing wind power so you can enjoy your electricity guilt-free. You are not only saving up on electricity cost, you are also cutting down on carbon emissions that are commonly produced with coal power plants.


It boosts the economy by creating jobs.

Another thing that can make you feel even better when making the wind switch is the fact that harnessing, processing, and transporting wind energy can actually help many lives as it creates a significant number of jobs that can employ a good amount of people from a community. Processes such as manufacturing, installation, maintenance jobs are created with wind power and so you can expect economies of communities to boom where wind power is involved. You get to help not only the environment but also the economy by making the switch.


It is renewable and sustainable.

With other more conventional energy production methods such as coal and fuel, we may tend to run out, thus the upward trend when it comes to energy costing. With wind power, it is virtually impossible to run out of resource. In fact, wind energy is indirectly a form of solar power since the sun heats the atmosphere and causes air particles to move and thus creating winds. So, for as long as the sun shines and the winds blow, we can be assured that we have an unlimited supply of wind energy for the decades to come without worrying so much about the depletion of resources and soaring prices. All we’ll have to take care of is the maintenance of the machines involved, which may take minimal intervention.


It is perfect for rural areas.

Since wind turbines operate best in wide open and high windy spaces, they are best suited in rural areas that are far away from cities with large buildings that may interfere with wind movement. As a result, people residing in rural areas may benefit greatly from this type of energy since it only takes a short distance to transmit the energy from source to home. The shorter transmission makes the energy more secure and more fool-proof from hiccups; and the presence of these plants in rural areas also allows for the development of these areas in terms of economy.



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