What to Expect When Going Solar


 Biting into the trend of going for solar energy? To save you from any hiccups, here is a list of what challenges you may encounter when going solar:


The upfront cost is going to be large.

Those solar panels definitely do not come cheap. To top it off, there are still installation fees to consider. The overall costing may depend on how much solar energy you need, judging by the size of your property, how many electrical appliances and devices you have, and just about how much energy you are expecting to use throughout your daily operations in the home. Smaller homes with few appliances can survive with just a few panels while larger estates will definitely need more.  So basically, the more energy you need, the larger the upfront cost will be.


You have to consider your location.

While solar panels are still capable of absorbing solar energy on cloudy days, it is typically diminished or affected in some ways. You have to consider your property’s current location, or where you plan to place your panels. Many homes place their panels on their roofs since this is usually the optimal location for it. Also, try to check on the average weather of your location throughout the year. If it is a gloomy place most parts of the year, you may not be able to fully reap the benefits of your solar power to get the best of your money’s worth for its upfront cost.


You may have to find a way to store your solar energy if you don’t plan on using it directly.

Some homes use their solar energy directly from the source, but that may mean that your devices may only function during sunny days, or only in the daytime. That is why many solar powered homes install additional batteries in order to be able to store the converted solar energy for later use such as for night time air conditioning, or for gloomy days where direct solar power just can’t perform at its best.


You need space

Solar power equipment needs a lot of space –whether it is out in use or when it is in storage. Having wide roof space is a good place to start with. If you have an extra wide lawn that could also be an advantage. But if you live in a multi-story multi-unit apartment building, arrangements may be more difficult to make unless you rent the whole roof out as well.


It’s not going to be 100% pollution free.

Solar power is the best energy source to go to if you are looking into more sustainable energy. However, you must note that it is not perfect. The manufacture, transport and maintenance of your shiny new solar power system are not exactly fool-proof as it may still involve pollution and waste production. However, looking into the bigger picture and the future, you can still definitely say that you are making the right and responsible move by switching to solar.



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