Nuclear Energy – Power Plants

Joyce Davis

October 20, 2017


One of the scariest things in Florida is when a Hurricane comes to town.
We were recently affected by hurricane Irma, in September 2017 and it was supposed to make landfall as a category 5! (fort those of you NOT Floridians, that means REALLY powerful lol). One of the decisions FPL (Florida Power & Lights) had to make was to turn off the nuclear power plant that resides right by the Port Everglades. This was a wise decision because nuclear power is created by nuclear fusion, which is produced by using radioactive materials. If hurricane Irma had damaged thje structure so bad and it was still running, the outcome could have been absolutely terrible!
But thank god, the storm missed South Florida and, we are back to normal life here. But Lets get back to Nuclear Power.

Nuclear Power

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