Solar Energy: Becoming More Prominent

Joyce Davis

June 22, 2017

Solar Panels

It has been a battle ever since the beginning, bringing green friendly energy such as solar power mainstream. Big oil and gas companies do not want it to happen as they make a much larger profit of burning coal and continuing with their profit driven earth polluting ways. The green friendly people have protested and tried as hard as they can to get better laws passed as to the emissions allowed by companies and forcing them to move to green energies. One major advancement that has been able to continue to advances on converting green energy is making solar panels more affordable.

Major Problems With Solar Panels

One of the largest problems there has been with the sue of solar panels, is the upfront cost that is incurred for a homeowner or business to install solar panels on their property. The initial cost had typically been very large and out of reach for many average people to put solar panels on their property. This is becoming over trumped by government grants and tax breaks for people who decide to add solar panels to their home.

Another problem solar panels have had with an at home application, is the sheer fact that it has been very hard and costly to have batteries that can hold a substantial amount of energy gathered by the panels. The batteries have been inefficient and very expensive to buy, use and maintain. This has been changing in recent years with massive advances in the solar energy field, with a leading company be Tesla.

One other major problem that has been experienced in solar panel installation, is the fact that they must be positioned correctly to gather the most amount of sun. If they installed incorrectly, they may barely even generate any power at all. Here in Florida the sun is shining most days out of the year, but if the direction of the solar panels is not correct it will not even help!

Tesla Breakthroughs

solar panels that produce more energy

Tesla Batteries have been a groundbreaking achievement for the company and consumers alike. Their Tesla batteries that can now be installed at your home, are super efficient and can hold on to the gathered energy for much longer than batteries that have been used in the past for solar energy gathering.

Another ground breaking product the company has rolled out is the Tesla solar roof. These are small panels that can easily be put to cover your entire roof. The small size of them makes the installation process much easier then old solar panel installation.

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