The Energy and Power of Windstorms

Joyce Davis

January 26, 2017


Windstorms and the Potential Damage

If you own property and incur property damage during a storm a visit to a property damage lawyer is essential to see how their insurance attorneys can assist you in correctly filing a claim.

The damage left behind after windstorm can devastate a city or county. In Florida, even a regular afternoon thunderstorm can be strong enough to cause damage. One beautiful part about the windstorms is they can produce quite a good deal of energy. If there are already ways of harnessing energy in place, the increased winds can power a lot more than they normally would.


These storms are normal for Florida residents, but often times they do not know how to handle the process of doing an insurance claim depending on where they have incurred damage. As in the picture above, trees can fall and damage property including homes, sheds, cars, buildings, and just about any other thing that could be in the way.

Once the windstorm has cleared, it is important that IF you go outside, you ensure you pay attention and look out for hazards. One major hazard is downed powerlines. Stay clear of all standing bodies of water such as puddles. There could be a potentially deadly electric current running through the water. Try to not venture outside during and intense windstorm. Have flashlights on hand and ready to go for when the power goes out.

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