Wind trees?

Joyce Davis

October 21, 2016


Another fascinating invention in the field of wind power is the WindTree. This is a turbine built for a far smaller endeavor than that of the previous design, but it addresses the persistent problem of aesthetic: many naysayers of wind energy cite turbines’ rather drab appearance for their resistance to the construction of more turbines, especially ones close to their home. This turbine, however, is closer in appearance to a tree, hence the name WindTree. With a white “trunk” for support and curved green “leaves” to catch the wind, it could also resemble a work of art. Its design is meant to catch wind of about half the speed of a traditional turbine, but there is a tradeoff: it can supply slightly less than one-fifth of a home’s power needs, as opposed to a larger turbine’s energy output. While it can definitely reduce your power bill, it won’t let you live off the grid. This could be used for smaller applications as well, such as an aesthetically pleasing public charging station.

Wind Tree Example from ibtimes

Wind trees harvesting wind energy

These recent improvements in wind power technology along with others hold promise for a future where wind power is a more common and affordable means of producing energy.

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