Florida Wind…

Joyce Davis

October 11, 2016


I am 21 years old and I have lived in Florida for my entire life – born & raised.

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You can call me a real Floridian, and there is just something I love about the Florida landscape. I call Pompano Beach Home.

I have lived on the East side of town basically my entire life, enjoying the beach as much as I possibly can (work permitting). Even on the calmest days the wind is blowing, gusting and pushing around. There is wind energy ALL around.


The basics for harvesting any kind of wind energy is, the turbine spins and energy is produced – BOOM! As simple as that. But lets talk about the technical terms.

Wind has kinetic energy because it is moving. The powerful wind makes the turbines begin spinning. Here is where the kinetic energy stored in the wind is transferred into mechanical energy by the spinning of the turbines. To produce electricity, we hook up a generator that allows us to create the mechanical energy in directly to electricity to power our homes and devices!

Now, if only we actually began to harvest this wind. What intrigues me is the vast amount of alternative methods to create electricity. Our entire lives basically revolve around the fact that we have electricity. From charging your smart phone, to powering the computer I am currently writing this one, nearly every activity we do must make use of some sort of electricity. Even when you start your car, a battery provides electric to the starter to turn the engine over!

So it got me to thinking another great little idea, about how we can help the environment even on a one person scale. People who live directly on the coastline can purchase their own small wind turbine as I had discussed in my last post here. We could place them on our balconies or patios, and begin harvesting the wind energy, converted to electricity by a small generator motor at the bottom of the small turbine, with a wire leading into the house.

My goal here is to help people get thinking about clean energy and how they can contribute their own way to help save the environment. If you have any questions I can always be contacted on my Contact Page.

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