The Energy is Coming!

Joyce Davis

October 10, 2016


So probably my favorite thing about wind energy, is it is always here! Yes, of course some place are much more windy than others and positioning a turbine in a very windy location is ideal. Living in South Florida, we see great wind blowing all of the time right on our coast line. IF we could figure out a way to harvest this and power millions of homes, why wouldn’t we?

WindMy Solution:

I believe one solution is to require buildings on the coast line to install wind turbines on the roof tops of their building. They can use this power themselves, and decrease the power needed from the electric company to fuel the entire grid. Not only will this decrease the building’s overall electric cost, it is extremely eco-friendly. I am all about going eco-friendly and trying to preserve what is left of our environment. Now, you may be thinking “But aren’t wind turbines massive?

Well, yes. Yes they are. Here is a picture of one:

Wind Turbine

BUT, with advancements in technology, scientists have been able to build them to be equivalent to the size of dining room chair. They have done away with models that were not as efficient, and have found a by positioning the “flaps” in a pentagon shape, the maximum amount of energy can be gained from the wind.


We would be able to place a large amount of these small, yet efficient type turbines on the tops of buildings to begin producing energy for the community. When have you been to the beach and the wind is NOT blowing?

EXACTLY – almost never!
I would even suggest that the government give a nice subsidiary or tex reduction for building owners that do go ahead and install this type of equipment on their buildings. We need to begin conserving people, and try to burn less fossil fuels wherever we can!


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