Florida Wind…

Joyce Davis

October 11, 2016


I am 21 years old and I have lived in Florida for my entire life – born & raised.

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You can call me a real Floridian, and there is just something I love about the Florida landscape. I call Pompano Beach Home.

I have lived on the East side of town basically my entire life, enjoying the beach as much as I possibly can (work permitting). Even on the calmest days the wind is blowing, gusting and pushing around. There is wind energy ALL around.


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Clean Are Available Energy Sources?

With more and more people becoming aware of the environment and accepting climate change as a major problem to consider for the coming generations, cleaner sources of energy have become more in demand than ever before. That is because not only is it a very efficient way to alleviate the amount of carbon footprint that our home leave behind, it is also quite practical and cost-effective.

If you are planning on starting a home with clean energy, or are a current homeowner and planning to make the switch from conventional power sources to cleaner alternatives, below are some ideas for

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Obstacles That Challenge Wind Energy

Wind energy is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to advocates of cleaner energy. It has many benefits that homes, industries, and individuals like to take advantage of. However, wind energy is not exactly that easy to harness, store, convert, and transport. Below are a few obstacles that commonly challenge wind energy:


  1. Initial investment is quite large.

There are not too many firms that venture into wind energy sources for now. Most times, this is because of a very large upfront cost. Wind turbines do not exactly come cheap.  This may pose as a challenge to establishing a wind power plant

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What Are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

Low cost. In fact, it is one of the cheapest energy sources available today at 2-6 cents per kilowatt-hour. That is about half of the average electricity cost in the US at the most.  If you are planning on making the switch but cannot seem to afford the large upfront cost that purchasing and installing a whole solar powered system into your home, this may be a great alternative to enjoy outright savings when it comes to energy cost. Just imagine cutting your electricity bill by at least half –you can now allocate your financial resources to other things

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What Are The Benefits of Solar Energy?

More and more homeowners these days are looking into solar energy to power their homes. You might be wondering why. Below are some of the best reasons why you should go for solar:

  1. Clean energy

If there is one major takeaway that everyone gets to enjoy with solar energy is that it is clean renewable energy. Since energy is directly sourced from the sun, you couldn’t possibly expect by-product, emissions, or waste. Many energy platforms are actually leaning into solar technology in order to produce power that has close to zero carbon footprint and with almost nothing but positive

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What to Expect When Going Solar


 Biting into the trend of going for solar energy? To save you from any hiccups, here is a list of what challenges you may encounter when going solar:


The upfront cost is going to be large.

Those solar panels definitely do not come cheap. To top it off, there are still installation fees to consider. The overall costing may depend on how much solar energy you need, judging by the size of your property, how many electrical appliances and devices you have, and just about how much energy you are expecting to use throughout your daily operations

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Nuclear Energy – Power Plants

Joyce Davis

October 20, 2017


One of the scariest things in Florida is when a Hurricane comes to town.
We were recently affected by hurricane Irma, in September 2017 and it was supposed to make landfall as a category 5! (fort those of you NOT Floridians, that means REALLY powerful lol). One of the decisions FPL (Florida Power & Lights) had to make was to turn off the nuclear power plant that resides right by the Port Everglades. This was a wise decision because nuclear power is created by nuclear fusion, which is produced by using radioactive materials. If hurricane Irma had damaged thje structure …

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Wind Energy and Local Structures

The energy generated by the wind in a given area can greatly affect any structures created, including buildings, fences, street signs, and many other man made structures. Many buildings built on the coast of Florida have to been greatly reinforced with extra concrete and hurricane impact windows. Of course we do not get hurricanes all of the time, but when they come the energy generated by the wind, can definitely affect local structures.…

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Solar Energy: Becoming More Prominent

Joyce Davis

June 22, 2017

Solar Panels

It has been a battle ever since the beginning, bringing green friendly energy such as solar power mainstream. Big oil and gas companies do not want it to happen as they make a much larger profit of burning coal and continuing with their profit driven earth polluting ways. The green friendly people have protested and tried as hard as they can to get better laws passed as to the emissions allowed by companies and forcing them to move to green energies. One major advancement that has been able to continue to advances on converting green energy is making solar panels …

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No Where To Go But Up!

Never underestimate your ability to change. Solar wind energy represents more than environmental sustainability. Soaring wind energy provides an answer to an everlasting question and doubt of the future. For years, scientists have predicted the end of the world as abrupt as the beginning. But we have evolved in our ways of thinking and action. Our methods of building and destroying our planet have disrupted our thought-process and have endowed us with a larger and much longer future.


We build to create. We accept so we can cherish. We grow so we can live. Solar wind energy has kept our …

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Incredible Technology

Green products and solar wind energy has a lot of criticism. Whether they’re called “of the future” or simply “tree-hugging machines”, alot can be said about this technology. Solar energy offers a new way to operate systems and ways of living. Instead of depending on pure electrical currents and have your monthly utility bill add up, solar energy is a solution to the downtrodden and overpriced.

This new technology pushes the status quo and operates at maximum efficiency. But how? Hybrid solar-wind downdraft tower technology combines dry air, heated by the solar rays of the sun, with H2O, which acts …

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