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Soaring Wind Energy
Delivering the world's best wind turbines...

Soaring Wind Energy is uniquely positioned as the authorized manufacturer's representative for three world-class wind turbine manufacturers: Sinovel Wind Company (Sinovel), Changzhou Propulsion Company (CPC) and Baoding HuiDe Wind Power Engineering Company, Ltd (BHD).

The Soaring Wind Promise

  • Comprehensive five-year warranty on labor and parts
  • Extensive spare parts inventory
  • 95 percent production guarantee
  • 95 percent availability guarantee
  • Lowest cost per KW
  • Full backing of each guarantee
Sinovel, CPC and HD have earned the wind power industry's most prestigious international certifications:

Deliveries, in most cases, can be expected within six months of the contract signing date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be certain these turbines will operate for more than 30 years?

The right turbine must be selected for your particular development. Turbines are built for certain wind regimes, climates and geographical areas... more >>

Regarding financing, are lending institutions willing to lend money for turbines?

Yes, lenders will finance turbines as long as they can be assured they are of the highest quality and backed by standard industry guarantees... more >>

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